This year, the 2017 HSBC Canada Sevens tournament is honoured to partner with talented artists from the Musqueam Nation to design and create the events first-ever medals.The designs of each of the medals represent the power of rugby and have a sacred meaning to the Musqueam Nation.

The gold medal features local Coast Salish artist Kelly Cannell’s design; an engraving of a thunderbird which symbolizes health, strength and power. Kelly’s inspiration behind the design is to demonstrate how sport and culture are connected, representing sport as a key contributor to healthy and inclusive communities.

This season’s tournament winners will not only receive gold medals, they will also be honoured by having their names engraved on the same Cup that was designed and presented to the inaugural HSBC Canada Sevens champion, New Zealand. The Cup design is based on a wolf, known to be a great team player and symbolizes perseverance and success.

Musqueam Nation artist Debra Sparrow’s silver medal design features a thunderbird and a salmon. Similar to the gold medal, the thunderbird symbolizes strength and the ability to soar as high as we can. The salmon balances out the design by representing health and a lifeline to the river.

Talented Coast Salish multidisciplinary artist, Chrystal Sparrow, came up with the design for the bronze medal which features a thunderbird’s prominent head and large piercing eye. Its broad wings wrap around either side of the medal which are known to bring powerful thunder and lightning as it flies over land.

Richard Campbell, another Musqueam First Nations artist, created and carved the design for the Challenge Trophy. This trophy is awarded to the 9th place team. The design incorporates the head of a man and a salmon unified together on a spindle.

In addition to the artistry behind these medals, they could not have been created without the integral contribution made by tournament partners Silver Wheaton, a Vancouver-based precious metals streaming company.

We are PROUD to present the award-winners for the 2017 HSBC Canada Sevens:



Bronze – FIJI

Challenge Trophy – WALES