The elite players of the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series bring electricity to ten stops across the globe. On any given day rugby sevens can be about power, it can be about speed, it can be about camaraderie, it can be about skill…but sometimes it’s all about the hair. As we gear up for the third leg of the 2016-17 World Rugby Sevens Series, we give to you our Sevens Dream Team: Best Hair Edition

Werner Kok – South Africa

What We’ve Nicknamed It: ‘Sunshine’
Most Similar To: Fabio

If this hair wasn’t dazzling on the rugby pitch, we are sure you’d find it blowing in the breeze on a beach somewhere in the world. Werner’s flow is feathered and lethal. Once the rugby playing days are over, surely L’Oréal could use these locks in a men’s shampoo commercial.

Folau Niua – USA


What We’ve Nicknamed It: “Fro Yo’
Most Similar To: A Chia Pet

Folau Niua doesn’t need a scrum cap. He has the benefit of playing with his own helmet for each and every sevens match. Watching this ‘fro move up and down the rugby pitch is a thing of beauty. The one thing we can’t fathom though, is how did it handle the extreme heat & humidity conditions experienced at the Sydney 7s?

Nathan Baramun – Papua New Guinea

What We’ve Nicknamed It: ‘The Mane & Tail’
Most Similar To: Mufasa from The Lion King

We liked the whole package here. You’ve got some style, some colour, a full beard (the mane) and some braids (the tail) to go with it. If you squint your eyes it almost matches the whole colour scheme of the jersey. Anytime you can coordinate the look of your hair to the look of your jersey, that wins bonus marks. There are exceptions to this rule…see Dennis Rodman.

Pierre-Gilles Lakafia – France

What We’ve Nicknamed It: ‘Hot Fuzz’
Most Similar To: Troy Polamalu

We’ve seen hair like this on football players, but luckily for us rugby players  don”t use helmets. Lakafia’s hair gets to be as free-flowing as his personality. Once it’s tied up and ready for game action this mane has a mind of its own! it almost starts to remind you of a poodle’s tail.

Sam Cross – Wales

What We’ve Nicknamed It: ‘The Business’
Most Similar To: One Direction

For most people, it is nearly impossible to play an intense game of rugby that features 14 minutes of constant sprinting and come out on the other side having your hair look perfect for the press conference…Sam Cross is not most people.

DJ Forbes – New zealand

What we’ve nicknamed it: ‘The Beard’
Most Similar To: James Harden

This vet has played in more HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series tournament appearances than any other player in history and when he lines up across from opponents, they truly FEAR THE BEARD. As wise as DJ Forbes is, not a single grey hair can be found. Symmetrical and perfect in every way, this beard is the kind found on a man reading leather bound books.

Rosko Specman – South Africa

What We’ve Nicknamed It: Domo Ari-got’flow’
Most Similar To: The Weeknd circa 2016 (before the haircut)

The South Africans not only bring world class talent to sevens, but boast some of the best hair on the circuit. Specman (known as Speck-Magic) stands out from his teammates because of the headband/hair tie combo. The best part is the top few dreads tend to ‘wave’ at defenders, almost in a taunting manner, as he sprints by them for the try.
Who do you think should make this list? Let us know!

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