Name: Brittany Benn
Birthday: April 23, 1989
Country: Canada
Started playing rugby at: 15
First club: Napanee Outlaws
Favourite Quote: “Hakuna Matata”

She was once told she was too rough for soccer…now she is a rugby Olympic bronze medalist. Brittany Benn has played a huge part in Canada’s success since joining the sevens roster. She made the switch to sevens in 2015 and hasn’t looked back. A defensive stalwart and a natural leader, she has been an engine for the Canadians in 2016-17. She is a top ten try-scorer this year and is showing no signs of slowing down. When she isn’t on the field, she enjoys the great outdoors including hiking, snowboarding, and camping.

Seven Questions With Brittany Benn

1. What was your favourite thing about visiting Kitakyushu, Japan?

The Sunset.

2. What is your pre-match ritual/routine?

High five my teammates!

3. Who on the team is the best chef?

We need to have a cook-off to decide that!

4. One place you would love to travel to?


5. If you could be a character in a TV show, which show would you pick?

The Flintstones.

6. Who is your all-time favourite athlete?

My Mom. After all, she does claim I owe my athletic talent to her.

7. Outside of Langford, where is your favourite tournament to play?


Don’t miss seeing Brittany Benn and the entire Canada team when they hit home soil on May 27/28 in Langford, BC. Limited sections are available.