We’re thrilled to announce a more convenient and eco-friendly way to manage your tournament passes for HSBC Canada Sevens 2020 and beyond! Beginning this year, all tickets to the event will be in digital format and accessed through your mobile phone using Ticketmaster’s Account Manager platform. Now standard for many other events at BC Place Stadium, this method will replace the PDF ticket option and fans will no longer be able to print tickets at home. Learn more about this new method in our FAQ sections below.



What is mobile ticketing?

Mobile ticketing is a new way to access your tournament passes through your mobile phone, offering a more convenient, safe and flexible way to manage your tickets. Your tournament passes will be purchased through a Ticketmaster software called “Account Manager”, where you will have your own profile and be able to manage and distribute your tickets conveniently and safely at any time.

Why is HSBC Canada Sevens moving to mobile only tickets?

Digital tickets provide a safe and incredibly convenient way to distribute your seats to family, friends, and clients at BC Place Stadium. Through this method, you will be able to transfer, manage and donate your tickets with ease, as well as avoid long lines on event days with quick access through mobile scanning. Most importantly, moving to digital ticketing helps us achieve our goal of being the greenest tour stop on the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series – a space we are very proud to be a global leader in. This method is now standard at all BC Place Stadium events.

What are the benefits of mobile ticketing?

  • Convenient: Manage, transfer, donate or pay invoices for your tickets anywhere using smartphone
  • Improved wait times: Quicker access into BC Place Stadium with quick mobile scanning
  • Environmentally friendly: Eliminates thousands of pieces of paper from being thrown into a landfill.
  • Safe and secure: Eliminates fraudulent tickets and risk for lost or forgotten tickets
  • User friendly: Manage tickets in one central location. Transfer tickets to friends and family using account manager profile.

Are any other events or venues using this method?

BC Place Stadium has moved exclusively to mobile ticketing for all events. Many other sport teams, concerts, Broadway shows and large scale events have adopted this ticketing method.

What if I don't own a smartphone?

Even if you do not own a smartphone, your tickets will still need to be purchased using the Account Manager system on a desktop computer. Your tickets can be picked up at the BC Place box office on game day. Please bring a valid government ID and your ticket confirmation number to receive your hard copy tickets.

Can I still print my ticket(s) from home via digital pdf?

No, print at home tickets (PDF) will no longer available as a ticket delivery option.


What is Account Manager?

Account Manager is a Ticketmaster platform that enables you to manage all ticketing elements with ease through your desktop computer or mobile phone. Each customer will have their own profile in Account Manager where they can purchase tournament passes, pay invoices, transfer tickets to friends and donate tickets to affiliated charities.

How do I create a profile on Account Manager?

Previous ticket buyers:If you have purchased a ticket(s) to HSBC Canada Sevens in the last 4 years, an Account Manager profile has already been created for you. To access your profile, visit our Account Manager Site by clicking on this link: From there click the sign in/sign up button in the top right corner and select the forgot password function in the pop up window. Enter the email address you used to purchase your previous years’ tickets and follow the steps to reset your password

New ticket buyers: If you have never purchased a ticket to HSBC Canada Sevens, you will need to create an account manager profile in order to purchase your 2020 tournament passes. Visit our Account Manager Site by clicking on this link: and click the sign in/sign up button in the top right corner. Follow the steps to create a new profile.


I have an Account Manager profile for another event. Can I use it for HSBC Canada Sevens?

No, all Account Manager profiles are specific to the individual event. You must create a new account manager profile for HSBC Canada Sevens.

Am I required to purchase my tickets through Account Manager?

Yes, all two-day tournament passes for HSBC Canada Sevens will need to be purchased using Account Manager, not

Can I use my login for Account Manager?

No, your login for is separate from Account Manager. You will need to create a new username and password for Account Manager.


I bought all of the tickets for my party. How do I send the tournament passes to each person in my group?

Sending tickets to members of your party through Ticketmaster is simple.

  • Log in to your account on the Ticketmaster app, desktop website or Account Manager profile.
  • Select my event
  • Your tickets will appear with a button below that says “transfer.”
  • Click “transfer” and select the ticket(s) you would like to send
  • Enter the contact information of the person you are sending the tickets to
  • Click the transfer tickets button in the bottom right corner

I bought a tournament pass but can't attend both days of the event. How do I send a Saturday or Sunday ticket to a friend?

A tournament pass will appear as two separate tickets within your Account Manager profile. Follow the steps above on transferring tickets to another fan.


I accidentally transferred the wrong ticket to a member of my group. How do I get the ticket back?

You can cancel a transferred ticket as long as long as the person has not yet accepted the transfer. If they have accepted the transferred ticket before you can cancel, they must transfer it back to you. Please note, you can only transfer a ticket to the same email up to 3 times. If you try to transfer the same ticket to the same email more than 3 times, the tickets will lock.


How do I sell my tickets through Ticketmaster Verified Fan Resale?

Selling tickets through Ticketmaster Verified Fan Resale offers a much safer and convenient way to sell your tournament passes.

  • Log in to your account on the Ticketmaster app, desktop website or Account Manager profile.
  • Select my event
  • Your tickets will appear with a button below that says “sell.”
  • Click “sell” and select the ticket(s) you would like to put up for sale
  • Set the desired price for the ticket(s)
  • Fill out the deposit information as prompted by Ticketmaster
  • Click “sell tickets”



How do I access my tournament passes on my smartphone?

  1. Download the Ticketmaster app from the Google Play Store or the App Store on an Apple device, or visit on your mobile web browser
  2.  Login to your Account Manager profile and click view tickets
  3. A barcode will appear and your ticket will be scanned by BC Place staff.

Can I have multiple tickets on a single phone?

Yes, you can have multiple tickets on one mobile device, however you will be required to enter the stadium with your entire group. If you and your group will be entering the venue separately, you must transfer each individual persons ticket to them ahead of time.

How can I scan my tickets if I don't have a data plan?

We highly recommend accessing your mobile tickets prior to arriving at BC Place Stadium on gameday. You can do this by downloading the ticketmaster app and saving your tickets within the app or to your Apple wallet. Ticketmaster allows you to access them even if you lose internet access.

What if my phone runs out of battery before I enter the stadium?

We recommend ensuring that your mobile device is fully charged before entering BC Place Stadium on game day. If you are unable to access your mobile device, please proceed to the BC Place Stadium Box Office with government issued ID to access your hard copy tickets.


What if my full group isn’t with me when entering the stadium and I have all the tickets?

We highly recommend that you transfer all tickets to each individual person in your group before entering the stadium. This will save time upon entering and ensure your party enters without issue.


Thank you fans! See you in 2020!

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