HSBC Canada Sevens is the ultimate costume party. Traditionally, fans attend in their ‘fanciest’ attire. This means coming dressed in anything from cowboy boots to a beaver onesie. While the game on the field is what you come for, the costumes in the stands are worth the price of admission. People watching only adds to the fun!

While we encourage creativity, we also value safety, respect, and good judgement. If you’re planning to attend the event, take a moment to read over our guidelines that ensure all fans can enjoy Vancouver’s biggest party!

In addition to the specific information pertaining to BC Place Prohibited Items, costumes (including items that may be deemed potentially hazardous to other guests) may be subject to enhanced inspection upon entry. Masks are permitted only to be worn while in your seat. Masks cannot be worn on the concourse or common areas. Keep costume accessories limited. Hockey sticks, tennis rackets, swords, spears, toy weapons, etc. are not permitted. Remember that costumes deemed to be offensive may not be permitted inside the stadium. This includes costumes that may offend from a religious, political, racial and/or sexual perspective.

We want to see your costumes! Use the hashtag #SoFancy7s to send us your fanciest photos.



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