Updated as of October 2019


  1. Any use of Canada Sevens Vancouver (‘Tournament’) tickets and the terms of admission to the stadium shall be subject to the General Terms and Conditions (‘GTCs’) as established by Canada International Sevens GP Ltd. (‘Organizer’), World Rugby Limited, police and law enforcement officials, the stadium owner and the ticket service provider (collectively, the ‘Authorities’). The complete version of the GTCs is available on the website www.canadasevens.com. The issuance use or attempted use of this ticket binds the ticket holder to these terms and conditions.
  2. The Ticket constitutes a revocable authorization. The Organizer and/or Authorities shall have the right to cancel and/or require the return of Tickets, and/or expel a person from the stadium if he or she is in violation of the GTCs without any refund.
  3. Code of Conduct: The Authorities are committed to providing a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience for all its guests. An individual’s conduct must be legally appropriate, respectful of others to enjoy the event and not be offensive or abusive to other guests.
  • For the complete list of BC Place’s (the ‘Facility’) Guest Policies, please visit: https://www.bcplace.com/visiting/guest-policies
  • Any guest not respecting the Code of Conduct and the Facility Guest Policies will be subject to eviction from the venue by the Facility or the Authorities without the right to a refund.
  1. Once purchased, tickets are non-refundable. Tickets may not be re-sold or transferred for profit by anyone other than the Organizer. On any unauthorized re-sale or transfer, this ticket shall become null and void and the ticket holder will be refused entry or ejected from the venue. The Organizer reserves the right to cancel any ticket advertised with the intent of reselling for profit or commercial gain.
  2. The Ticket Holder voluntarily accepts and assumes all risks and dangers connected with or related in any way to attendance at the Tournament for which this ticket is issued, and releases the Organizer, the Authorities and their representatives from any and all responsibility and liability for all such risks and dangers.
  3. The ticket holder grants permission to the Organizer, World Rugby Limited and their representatives and licensees to film, photograph and record the ticket holder’s image or likeness and to reproduce, broadcast, publish, or otherwise use that image or likeness in connection with the live or recorded video display or other broadcast, transmission or reproduction of events (in whole or in part) or for any other purposes, promotional or otherwise, all without any compensation and without any liability to the ticket holder whatsoever for any such use.
  4. For the purpose of security, if requested by the Authorities all persons shall be required to cooperate in respect to providing evidence of identity, conducting inspection of personal belongings, confiscation of prohibited items and body checks. The following items are prohibited: alcoholic beverages, bottles, cans, cameras measuring more than 6 inches in length with lens attached, selfie sticks, food products, professional recording devices (video and audio), weapons, laser pointers, pressurized air-horns, and any other items illegal or any object capable of constituting a weapon or any that could impair the enjoyment, comfort or safety of other people. Persons possessing any of these items may be denied entry or subject to removal. Persons denied entry or removed for any violation of facility rules will not be issue a refund. Food product exceptions may be made for those with medical requirements and/or special requirements. All bags are subject to search prior to entering the stadium and guests are subject to pat down searches for event entry. Security measures may be increased for this event. These measures include but are not limited to a more thorough search of persons and property including a more thorough pat down procedure. Due to these safety procedures, we strongly recommend early arrival to this event.
  1. It is prohibited to take into the stadium i) any object capable of constituting a weapon, ii) any item that could impair the enjoyment, comfort and safety of other people, iii) any ostensibly visible promotional or commercial item of whatever nature, and iv) all messages of political or religious nature.
  1. Alcohol Policy: No alcohol will be served to guests who appear intoxicated and the Authorities reserve the right to refuse alcohol service to any guest. All guests who appear under the age of 30 will be required to show valid ID. Guests serving alcohol to minors will be subject to arrest. Beer will be served to a maximum of 24 oz. per person, per transaction. Alcohol may not be brought into the stadium. Guests attempting to bring alcohol into the stadium will be denied entry or removed. Any guest that is denied entry or removed for any violation of facility rules will not be issued a refund.
  • Alcohol start and end times for the event have yet to be determined, the Facility reserves the right to start and end alcohol service at its discretion.
  • The Facility’s Alcohol Policy is listed here: https://www.bcplace.com/visiting/guest-policies
  1. Smoking of any kind (including e-cigarettes) is prohibited on stadium property including external plazas and there are no designated smoking areas.
  1. Tickets will be void if falsified, modified or declared stolen.
  2. These Terms and Conditions are governed by British Columbia law.