20 Questions with Paige Farries

FarriesWhat’s your favourite midnight snack?

TimTam Cookies

Finish this sentence:

Rugby makes me feel like a greek god.

Which could you survive without? No hot water or No internet?

No Hot Water

Favourite cheat day food

Mr. Noodles Chicken Flavoured

If a movie of your life was made which actor would play you?

Emma Stone

Hip Hop/ Rock or Classical is played in the locker room? Who decides?

Hip Hop is played in the locker room, Kish decides

What’s your favourite pre-match tune?

Rather Be by Clean Bandit

If you were a wrestler what would your stage name be? What would be your special move?

Giner Snap, my move would be the ginger snap

What is your spirit animal?

A house hippo

Who is your sport hero?

Clara Hughes

If the tables were turned and you were a Sevens fan for a day – which costume would you wear?


Who is your greatest mentor?

Karen Paquin

Three words to describe you:

  • energetic
  • happy
  • kind

Favourite place in the world to play


What is your career goal? (sport and life)

Olympics 2016, Speech Pathology degree

Do you have any pregame rituals or lucky charms?

I have to undo and redo my hair 15 times

Favourite TV Show, Movie and Book

Friends, Princess Bride, Flowers for Algernon

Why rugby? How did you get started?

I love the physicality of the sport, it combines all the toughest elements of sport. Speed, endurance, technique, tactics, and physicality.  I started playing when I was in grade 11, because my twin brother was joining that year and I couldn’t have him playing a sport I wasn’t.

Best advice you’ve ever received

Try as hard as you can, because seven minutes goes by fast

Who is the first person you call when you qualify for the Olympic Games?

My Family, I am very close with all of my siblings and my parents so I want the phone to be on speaker when I tell them.