The Team Liaison Officer (TLO) occupies a crucial role in the HSBC Canada Women’s Sevens tournament. Simply stated, the TLO is the Canada Women’s Sevens’ primary day-to-day operational link to the teams during the tournament. The TLO will serve as information officer, protocol officer, organizational navigator, tour guide, training scheduler, interpreter, and translator. Each national sevens team will have (1) one liaison assigned to them.

This role requires a high degree of patience, knowledge of the organization, its people and the workings of each national team. The purpose of the TLO is to ensure an enjoyable experience for the teams and provide local knowledge.

 General Requirements:

• Fluent in the primary language of the National Team with whom he/she is assigned;

• Must possesses a valid Canadian Class 5 drivers licence;

• Must be willing to obtain a Class 4 licence;

• Must be familiar with the culture, customs and traditions of the National Team with whom he/she is


• Required to be familiar with the services/amenities/culture of Victoria/Langford;

• Must be legally entitled to work in Canada;

• Must be a proven problem-solver and able to function independently;

• Must be service-oriented but also understand his/her role in relation to other areas of the tournament as well

as the event itself;

• Ability to work well under pressure while maintaining calmness and a high level of professionalism;

• Ability to lift up to 45 lbs to assist with team equipment as needed;

• Must have an understanding of the World Rugby Women’s Seven Series tournament as a whole, with

complete understanding of the Canada Women’s Sevens event.


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